Contract Surety Default Investigations and Evaluations
Provide clients with accurate and comprehensive reports enabling claims personnel to make decisions mitigating surety exposure.


  Roberts, Taylor &  Sensabaugh’s
services entail:
lAudit of contractor’s financial records
lContract payment assessment/verification
lCost-to-complete surveys
lContract evaluation/ratification
lTermination and/or default review
lBid preparation and relet
lMonitor and administer completion
lProductivity/performance analysis
lClaims preparation and loss recovery
Property/Casualty Claims Service
Required by insurance professionals, attorneys, adjusting companies and risk managers are provided by way of prompt, comprehensive reports after aggressive investigations have been completed.
   In response to your call, the following services can be provided by Roberts, Taylor & Sensabaugh immediately:
lProperty damage assessment
lBusiness interruption evaluation/reconstruction
lFirst response management teams
lCause and effect analysis
lAccident investigation/reconstruction 
Due-Diligence Investigations
Inspections and reports are offered to a broad range of clients, from building owners and mortgage bankers to developers, to aid in the assessment to a property’s condition for restoration or for sale.


Evaluation of multi-family and commercial properties includes:
lBuilding inspection – architectural, mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, appliances and specialties
lSite analysis
lCost-to-repair estimates
lMaintenance costs evaluation